A Jolt of Inspiration

It’s not often I see something in web design that makes me want to rip up everything I was doing and start again. I felt that urge today though.

A lot of the work I’ve seen recently has been flashy. It’s clear that this trend in web design was about pushing what the web was capable of, having the audience expect more from a site and be wowed by the experience. But they rarely used the web naturally. So much of the “best” work in recent months simply hacks the browser to show print and motion graphic work. It’s not what the web is good at, and it’s not a good experience for the audience.

The Bloomberg.com redesign is a stunning example of how to play to the web’s strengths while pushing design forward in a fresh, bold direction. And it does it with ferocity.

This site is about scrolling. Fuck the fold. This site is about beautiful type that’s meant to be read not skimmed. This site is about boxiness. They don’t try and soften everything. They engage the web as a medium, not an obstacle to be overcome.

I am thoroughly impressed and inspired by the work. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the wake of this redesign as people copy, consider and iterate on what the team at Bloomberg has done.