Einstein Was Right, You Guys!

The actual passing of time versus my experience it is such an interesting thing to me. I’m quite a punctual person and the moments leading to me getting somewhere on time run away from me at speed, yet when I’ve arrived everything immediately slows down as I wait for the other person to turn up.

From a physics perspective, time being relative makes some sense to me. An object with more mass stretches space-time more, and when you’re close to this object, you are effected by the stretching.

What I find fascinating is that your brain operates on a very similar level. If you take responsibility as your object in this metaphor you can see a parity. Let’s say you are a child. There is literally nothing you have to do. You can do your homework, you can get help with it, you can sleep, you can act out, you can do whatever. But there’s nothing you have to do. Now consider a parent. You are looking into a black hole of responsibility. The mass is infinite. Parenting, like many other things in life, is a bottomless pit of things to do.

Admittedly other factors affect your experience of time but I think the sense that time is slipping away from you can be strongly attributed to a mass of responsibility. The take-away from this thought is that can have an effect on this. If you are stressed out. If the weeks aren’t long enough, find a way to shed something. Take a weekend and finish a project that’s just constantly on your mind. Ask for help. Whatever you can do to keep that object manageable. Don’t let it weigh you down.