March began with quite an interesting affirmation.

I was talking to my sister, angry with myself for not having moved out of my parents house. I was tired of my own excuses: Travelling made getting a lease seem pointless, the prices were crazy so I wanted to wait, I wanted a room mate, I didn’t want a room mate.

None of those were the actual reason though.

“Meg, why haven’t I moved into Dublin yet?” and without a pause I answered my own question.“It’s because I want to live in New York”

It was an odd thing to grasp at first. Up until that moment I thought my outlook and general happiness about life hadn’t changed much over the last three years. But in saying those words I realised it had—my excitement had faded. But the thought of living in New York felt right—that butterfly kind of exciting—just like it did when I realised I wanted to be a designer.

“I’m going to live in New York”. I spoke the words to myself, quietly. It felt nice to say.

From there I thought through all of the obstacles. I would have to leave my job. I would have to leave my family and friends. I would have to find a new job, and get a visa. A sinking heart accompanied me for the next couple of days as all of the difficult things that had to happen weighed on me. But no matter the negative I dreamt up, it never got in the way of how sharply correct the decision felt.

Since then I’ve been graciously allowed to keep working on Tito with Doc, Paul and Cillian while I’ve figured out how to get myself to New York. Tito will have some monstrous releases coming in the next few weeks and I’m delighted I got to be a part of them.

I also got the chance to pass Úll onto new designers. I tweeted about this when the teaser went up two weeks ago but Conor and David are design heroes of mine and to know that Úll is now safely in their hands makes me truly happy. Úll is the best design job I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful to have worked with Paul, Dermo and Sasha over the past three years building a truly brilliant conference.

So, what about the job…

When I started thinking of places to work, I gave myself a goal. Work for a company who helps creators stay independent. I didn’t care if it was music, film, art, writing. I just wanted to be part of a company who enabled people to live off their art, to make what they wanted without compromise. And I somehow achieved that goal.

I’m going to work at Kickstarter—which is insane! I’ve been perpetually dancing on the inside since Aaron told me I’d gotten the job. I’m equal parts excited and daunted by the task ahead of me. Beyond anything though, I can’t wait to start working with everyone there.

Thanks to Paul, Doc, Dermo, Sasha, Cillian, Paddy and Eoin—my coworkers and friends over the past three years. I would not be in this position without your mentorship, help and patience. I hope to do you all proud.

New job. New life. New York.