Site redesign

“Looks like I need to start again…”

And so began a slow process of internal argument and questioning. Why is it that every time I try to design and maintain a personal website, I fail?

My designs always felt throw-away as I didn’t have a large audience to whom I’d be annoying if I ripped it apart and started again—no large number of Tumblr followers, no cluster of RSS subscribers. Nothing had ever stuck long enough for me to feel comfortable about pointing to or promoting the site.

In turn I’ve been through a lot of setups for my personal site; static files, blogging services, folder based installations. All of them having their merits, but equally having pitfalls which really frustrated me to the point where I just wouldn’t publish to it.

I simply wanted two things from whatever setup I would hypothetically rest on. 1.An easy way to manage content. 2.A powerful way to control that content via code.

Enter Siteleaf.

Siteleaf caters for both my requirements perfectly. It has a beautiful management interface for creating, editing and organising my content in the browser—they even have it fully responsive. It’s incredibly easy to publish from. And finally, it’s a joy to design for.

It took me roughly a day to re-design and port my old site to Siteleaf, with learning time and some design decisions taking up a lot of that time.

What Siteleaf has given me over all is a confidence that I can be flexible without having to tear it all down and start again. My content is in the CMS, easy to restructure and iterate on as I refine my approach to documenting and publishing the various aspects of my life that I want online.

Similarly, the theme and functionality of the site can be easily updated, refined and re-jigged at whatever pace I want—I can leave it alone for a year and know that the syntax of liquid is simple enough for me to have forgotten completely, yet pick it back up in a day.

Thanks to the team at Oak for making an incredible product. I’m a very proud customer and would recommend you sign up today and try it out.